Sunday, 26 July 2015

Class In Session

Solo post-Part 2 
                                                      CLASS IN SESSION

Okay so I've just started reading this book called 'love in my language'. Love in language is a book which teaches all kinds of love. First type of love being self-love. So I wanted to base this post on self-love. We live in a world where self-love is sometimes misinterpreted for cockiness. And its easy to forget to love yourself. Self-love is very important- before u can build a relationship with anyone, you must try to build a relationship with yourself. Find peace with yourself.
P.s- I haven't finished reading it yet lol 

-About this look
Those who know me know that I'm really obsessed with 90s style but too lazy to rock the look. However, for this look I combined 90s with current by pairing my diy ripped jeans with a baggy grey T shirt and topping things off with my favourite shoes (glads) and a cheeky choker. Enjoy!!!

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Friday, 24 July 2015


Hey guys!! It's been forever since I did a solo blogpost. My partner in crime (AGGY) has travelled abroad. So Therefore, I've  decided to do a solo post (just like the old times). 
Today's look was pretty random. I just woke up this morning and thought 'hmmm, when was the last time I solo blogged?' So I got out of bed and made it happen! However, this look wasn't completely random. I took certain elements from different movies/series and combined them into one outfit. 
I am so obsessed with these gladiators I purchased just before summer, they've been on my feet ever since. They were definitely worth every penny. Today I paired these glads with this mini dress I purchased from Primark years ago. which I plan to D.I.Y before the end of September. And Topped things off with this warm coat and this white  bag which was purchased last year. enjoy, Carpe diem! 
    YouTube Channel coming soon..... 

Shoes&Choker : H&M | Bag: Matalan | Dress: Primark | Coat: Topshot