Sunday, 26 July 2015

Class In Session

Solo post-Part 2 
                                                      CLASS IN SESSION

Okay so I've just started reading this book called 'love in my language'. Love in language is a book which teaches all kinds of love. First type of love being self-love. So I wanted to base this post on self-love. We live in a world where self-love is sometimes misinterpreted for cockiness. And its easy to forget to love yourself. Self-love is very important- before u can build a relationship with anyone, you must try to build a relationship with yourself. Find peace with yourself.
P.s- I haven't finished reading it yet lol 

-About this look
Those who know me know that I'm really obsessed with 90s style but too lazy to rock the look. However, for this look I combined 90s with current by pairing my diy ripped jeans with a baggy grey T shirt and topping things off with my favourite shoes (glads) and a cheeky choker. Enjoy!!!

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Friday, 24 July 2015


Hey guys!! It's been forever since I did a solo blogpost. My partner in crime (AGGY) has travelled abroad. So Therefore, I've  decided to do a solo post (just like the old times). 
Today's look was pretty random. I just woke up this morning and thought 'hmmm, when was the last time I solo blogged?' So I got out of bed and made it happen! However, this look wasn't completely random. I took certain elements from different movies/series and combined them into one outfit. 
I am so obsessed with these gladiators I purchased just before summer, they've been on my feet ever since. They were definitely worth every penny. Today I paired these glads with this mini dress I purchased from Primark years ago. which I plan to D.I.Y before the end of September. And Topped things off with this warm coat and this white  bag which was purchased last year. enjoy, Carpe diem! 
    YouTube Channel coming soon..... 

Shoes&Choker : H&M | Bag: Matalan | Dress: Primark | Coat: Topshot 

Friday, 19 June 2015


So exams and coursework are FINALLY over and done with so you know what this means - summer is here! - The best thing about it is that we can now start blogging more frequently and hopefully start doing posts about other things such as inspiration, current trends and much more. Today we thought that we would celebrate our start of summer with a new blog post. We went into town to just eat, chill and enjoy the sun.
                             See you in the next post guys and have a great weekend!

Although it does not look sunny in these pictures the sun was definitely out and I decided to go for just a simple and casual look. I LOVE heels and anyone who knows me knows that I'm always wearing them in some sort of form. Yes got to add some height to these legs but I bought these sandals not long ago and I can already tell that I am going to be living in them over the next few months. They are so comfy and of course black so they match with whatever outfit I decide to wear. I paired them with this kimono which I absolutely love because it's also so versatile and I can dress it up or down. That's something I always look for when I am buying clothes - whether I can switch it up from day to night. Oh and let me not forget the super simple but sassy blue bag that I got as a birthday present I adore it and I feel like it just brings a little more edge and colour to every outfit.   (Thanks Nisha)

I met a friend behind me

To me black goes beyond a shade. Black is a very easy colour to work with (hence the reason I try to include it in everyday outfits).
No one may understand why you do the things you do but that's cool because you're not supposed to be understood by all.
I wore this outfit because I felt like a gladiator and I wanted to portray it as you can see from the gladiator sandals and the baggy netted dress. I use clothes to demonstrate my thoughts and feelings because it is art. Wearing all black doesn't mean that you have a dark mind or that you are troubled- NO! It simply means that you go beyond the normal and switch things up.
Remember that everyone is entitled to their own opinion so don't be disheartened when ones opinion isn't pleasant. See it as a challenge. Opinions are like bellybuttons, everyone has them.
So be you wear what you want and do what makes you happy!

Saturday, 18 April 2015

- HeelsVsFlats -

AGGY: Shoes and Necklace - River Island, Dress - Topshop, Jacket - H&M, Bag - Fiorelli
      CATHY: Jeans - H&M, Top and Bag - New Look, Shoes - Matalan

Hey guys it feels like forever since we last did a blog post and its fair to say a lot of things have changed since we last posted. We both celebrated our birthday in March (whoop whoop) and we have both gone completely natural.
Natural meaning that we are no longer rocking relaxed or straightened hair. This is not to say that relaxing your hair is bad in any sense we just feel that its important to embrace the natural texture of your hair and to love your hair for what it is.. straight, curly, coily or even kinky.
Today the sun was out here in Nottingham so we decided to go out of our comfort zone and take our pictures in a public area. Put aside the stares and the little comments from strangers it was a fun day and we really enjoyed getting in front of the camera again. Until next time ... Carpe diem