Sunday, 26 July 2015

Class In Session

Solo post-Part 2 
                                                      CLASS IN SESSION

Okay so I've just started reading this book called 'love in my language'. Love in language is a book which teaches all kinds of love. First type of love being self-love. So I wanted to base this post on self-love. We live in a world where self-love is sometimes misinterpreted for cockiness. And its easy to forget to love yourself. Self-love is very important- before u can build a relationship with anyone, you must try to build a relationship with yourself. Find peace with yourself.
P.s- I haven't finished reading it yet lol 

-About this look
Those who know me know that I'm really obsessed with 90s style but too lazy to rock the look. However, for this look I combined 90s with current by pairing my diy ripped jeans with a baggy grey T shirt and topping things off with my favourite shoes (glads) and a cheeky choker. Enjoy!!!

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